Rose Delights,

Reimagining cannabis from an evolving, regenerative perspective.





Project description

Working out of the Sierra Foothills of California, Rose collaborates with globally-celebrated chefs and local farms to create a product rooted in culinary tradition and seasonal integrity. We teamed up with the brand for an ongoing partnership, working together to explore what it looks like to visualize a revolution within the cannabis industry. Treating its ingredients the same way a restaurant kitchen does, Rose has an inherent strength that their competitors can’t fake: a story to tell. All of our work, from creative direction to digital design and motion design, was focused on amplifying that story. Introducing CGI and renders into the brand ecosystem was a distinct shift we knew we wanted to make. Knowing how important ingredients and process are to the brand, it acts as a crucial way to visualize the product at a more microscopic level. From the interior contents of CBD capsules, to macro-textures of their rosin, this approach gave us full creative freedom to reimagine how we view cannabis, in a way that isn’t possible through traditional e-commerce photography and product videos. We also redefined the user journey throughout the Rose site. We refined shop pages, limited the amount of information consumers can absorb at a single time, and established a clear messaging hierarchy. What once felt like an arbitrary, passive shopping experience transformed into an intuitive, narrative-driven approach: each product is polarizing, serves a specific purpose, and has an individual story to tell. That navigation and narrative-driven approach is built on a foundational system of campaign pages we developed for the brand. The campaign pages are immersive and focused on product education. They’re immensely valuable, allowing a deeper level of storytelling than is traditionally possible, helping visualize production processes, and most importantly creating separation between one product and another. As the space continues to develop and evolve, we can’t wait to see how the Rose team continues to lead the charge and set new standards within the industry.