Nike Running,

A bold step forward for the most iconic running brand ever.


Nike Running




Project description

Nike Running has been championing athletes and telling the human story through sport longer than anyone else the world has seen. We’ve partnered with the brand across several of their running verticals, bringing a fresh perspective and pinpoint approach to their storytelling and creative across platforms. Over the past two decades, the performance and running market has seen a boom in product innovation, and new competitors fighting for relevancy. With the rise of athleisure as a predominant shift in our fashion culture, most of us have a need for sport in our lives, even if we’re not devoted athletes. The result in the tug-of-war for relevancy has been an overwhelming sea of sameness for the past several years, with weak claims by brands that simultaneously appeal to everyone, and no one. Our work with Nike Running has been a constant push to keep the brand polarizing; to make claims that some might find uneasy, to target the outliers, to see how much we can get away with. The result has seen manifestos come to life, campaigns spread across dot coms, apps, and retail experiences, and ultimately pushed Nike Running to truly stand for something. It’s proof you don’t need to plaster a product on every occasion, or sugarcoat a message to appeal to everyone. Nike has a rich legacy in this approach. It’s what made them iconic from the start. Bold headlines that offer a challenge. Abandoning the need to always be optimized, to always show product, to always make sense. It’s an approach that prioritizes emotion before any other measure of success. And for us, it’s a return to form for the most recognizable brand ever.