Redefining high performance energy for the next generation of achievers.





Project description

Ketone-IQ is the energy science company redefining what high performance energy looks and feels like for the next generation of achievers. We partnered with their team to define the next life-stage of the brand, introducing a strategic framework and design system to scale from a single-product to a product family, and positioning the brand to reach a new category of users. Ketones are a naturally occuring, healthier, and harder working form of energy for our brain and body. From cyclists training for the Tour de France, to EMT workers pulling a double-shift, Ketone-IQ is the difference maker, not only getting you off the starting line, but across the finish. Through stakeholder interviews, consumer surveying, and market research we conducted, the sentiment was clear: surprisingly, energy still means something for consumers, and on top of that, Ketone-IQ feels like a “new type of energy.” It’s not fuel. It’s not a secret weapon, or something that feels dangerous to take. While other companies are trying to figure out how to qualify their energy in novel and unsubstantial ways, our focus is on creating a new standard of energy. It’s through this pursuit of a new standard that the brand establishes its purpose: redefining high performance energy. And with it, a total reinvention of how the product and brand look, feel, and show up for their consumers. Leaning into the preexisting Maui Sunrise color gradient that the brand was beginning to own, we expanded the system to leave room for the brand to scale and introduce new products into the mix. This included introducing a new wordmark and logomark, along with a typographic family and extended color palette that allows for differentiation. Throughout the design process, the focus was to depart away from current trends we’re noticing in the landscape, while building up brand equity in a few key positions. Becoming synonymous with ketones, familiarizing an audience with a new understanding of what high performance energy is, and introducing a product benefits system into the packaging for new ingredients are all cornerstones within this branding venture. Ultimately energy brands are only as good as what people end up doing with them. With a product that over-delivers and a brand system that positions Ketone-IQ as leaders in the energy space, we’re excited to see where this next chapter takes the high performance brand.


  • Creative Direction
    MOUTHWASH Studio
  • Visual Identity Support
  • 3D Rendering

    Niko Ardeley

  • Masha Dmitrowa

  • Ketone Team

    Michael Brandt

  • Christine Rojas

  • Michael Lee

  • Galia Fesenko