Air Company,

A carbon technology company that is creating products from CO2 to extend life on Earth.



Project description

What if Earth’s greatest threat could also be its greatest ally? Our work helped see the carbon technology company into their next life-stage, transforming theoretical possibilities to present-day solutions.

A partnership spanning more than 24 months, our team has touched virtually every aspect of the Air Company brand, from creating their visual identity to redesigning their website, immersive campaign page systems for new product releases to interactive experiences documenting their factory environments, keynote presentations for Climate Week, and campaign films alike.

In the process of doing so, we’ve learned a thing or two about carbon conversion. We set out to position Air Company as industry leaders in their respective fields, equipping their team with a strategy on how to win a brand that can stand on its own. And as a result, their team gained more partnerships, more funding, and more credibility in the space.

But how do you get every day people to care?

Our team was fixated on this idea. And while it’s easy to get lost in the sauce of the technology, and spout language that people have a hard time wrapping their head around, we chose to speak simply. And that translates to our visuals too. Every image we created for Air Company was an attempt to get others to feel something. To not just understand the type of work that they’re doing, but to crave more of it. To woo, not preach.