Utah Jazz,

Celebrating and spotlighting the legacy of the Jazz while defining the future of the organization.


Utah Jazz



Project description

Similar to other projects we’ve embarked on, it was an exciting to celebrate and spotlight the legacy of the Jazz while defining the future narrative of the organization. The Utah Jazz has a rich history that is central to the core of their brand. With a name as charged with momentum and spontaneity as Jazz, it comes as no surprise that motion design was essential in considering this project a success. Our team developed a motion design system and kinetic type, fueling the team’s 22/23 rebrand. The rebrand, among other things, was centered around the announcement for new jersey colorways, and a striking center court redesign. While the announcement of the rebrand echoed through various social platforms, this project notably released a microsite that presented a more in-depth narrative behind the history of where the Utah Jazz has been, and more importantly, where they’re setting their eyes towards next. Our work with the Jazz was a large step forward in our motion design capabilities. It was one of the first times we sought to make it the star of the show, rather than a supporting role. This work solidified our understanding of the impact that motion can bring to a design system, and gave us a lot of room to explore and iterate how kinetic typography and motion design can have an organic, and distinctly unique personality attached to it.