Nike Run Club,

Opening the world of running and holistic fitness to every body.




Project description

Nike Run Club is leveraging some of today’s top athletes and motivators to inspire, push, and educate users on how to reach new heights in their fitness journeys. We partnered with the NRC team to help redefine what user journeys look like through their app ecosystem, focusing on creating more moments of connection between coaches and runners, and challenging how we can keep them coming back in unique and unexpected. That work has led us to close collaborations with some amazing Nike Coaches and athletes, developing run programs and workout series that have never before existed on the app. We introduced the first walking series into a predominantly running-centric landscape, developed a system that naturally works in product and e-commerce themes, without overwhelming runners or getting in the way of their workouts, and we began to push the creative boundaries on what creative looks like in the app, leaning into motion design and illustration to give series their own identity while staying consistent across the platform. The results speak for themselves, with our work leading to the second highest performing run series in the decade-long history of the app, as well as consistent upticks in click-through rates and user engagement each time a new series was released. But more than positive numbers, our work with NRC set them down a new trajectory that they are continuing to implement and reinforce; that it doesn’t matter what run you’re on, it matters who you’re running with.