Waka Waka,

Design practice of Shin Okuda, crafting furniture and functional objects for every day use.


Waka Waka



Project description

Based out of Los Angeles, Shin Okuda has been designing and handcrafting furniture and functional objects for over two decades. With a catalogue of work ranging from seating concepts and utilitarian objects, to spatial design, his design language can be identified through its simplicity in form, subtle detailing, and a unique interpretation of proportions. Waka Waka was one of the first clients of the studio, and remains to be a testament to the power of simple design paired with a subtle playfulness through user interaction. Our work with Shin has spanned several catalogues of photography, documenting a large body of work that has explored multiple forms and materials across furniture design. That body of work ultimately led us to creating a digital experience surrounding those collections, offering for the first time a more detailed and intimate experience with Shin’s art. The site has continued to be a living, growing organism, now showcasing over 400 pieces of work in both high and low-fidelity scenarios. Beautifully textured archive scans of his furniture can be seen sitting next to more recent pieces that are captured on his phone in front of his studio. The experience is certainly befitting of his approach to work. Up close and personal, his furniture seems to be perfect, void of flaw, without taking itself too seriously. The work has continued to be well-received throughout the design community, and has been featured in several instances of Apple’s WWDC. Through this partnership, Shin has become a close friend and consistent collaborator with the Studio, which to us is worth more than any mention of the work itself. We can’t wait to see what he continues to do from here.