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Nike is one of our generations most influential and inspiring brands, crafting consistently strong narrative-driven stories at a global level. Our studio has had the great pleasure to work with Nike to create a body of work that spans campaigns, platforms, and artistic mediums, to continue to shape and define why Nike is even more important to our culture today. Across our catalogue of work with Nike, a consistent theme remains in place: flipping the script. Our approach in working with the global giant of sport has always been to challenge the status quo, to never play it safe. For a company that operates across all 7 continents, it’s an idea that isn’t always easy to land. But when done right, the results are memorable. It’s a Mother’s Day campaign that spotlights moms in a state of triumph, rather than worn-down and exhausted. Paying homage to the lineage of motherhood, from past and present, to future, rather than just the mothers of today. Or a Back to School campaign that opens the conversation up. Rather than focusing on new looks and classroom materials to tout, showing the behind the scenes of relationships, both between childhood friends, and with our parents. The approach always results in work that makes us feel, and we always try and arrive at that in a natural and organic way, rather than forcing a product or a certain story that has to be told. Challenging Nike to be boldly different and take a leap of faith has been one of the most difficult tasks our studio has set out to do, but we couldn’t be more proud of where it’s led us.